Audrey look is complete...

No Audrey Hepburn look is complete without cascading white pearls on a black sleeveless minidress. We've noted pearls on almost any possible jewellery piece she's posed with: necklaces, hair pieces, hats. We have pearls at heart too! In our Bella Brilla Lookbook you'll find pearls on items such as elegant bridal purses and the exquisite leggings by our own Scottish designers. Check out the fabulous PEARL Stockings (£85.00) handmade in Scotland with a natural lace heart, light peach cut-lead crystals and Swarovski pearls, a small ivory beaded heart and ivory tassels.



The cornerstone of any well-deliberated outerware, a khaki gabardine trenchcoat is an instrument of chic at its finest!


In Audrey's fashion fairytale, hats and earrings go together and go flawless. Don't miss out on this striking ensemble if you want to dress to impress.

Whether it is 'Sabrina' necklines (named after her character) and black dresses, Oxford shirts, gingham crop pants, slim black turtlenecks or tailored sailor shirts, she is undeniably one of the greatest style icons ever to grace the silver screen.

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Now let us finish with Audrey's words, words to live by:

'There is more to sex appeal than just measurements. I don’t need a bedroom to prove my womanliness. I can convey just as much sex appeal picking apples off a tree or standing in the rain.'

Wardrobe list

Luckily for you, we have Audrey's Wardrobe POWER PIECE list. You can pin it to your fridge or mirror! We at Bella Brilla know better than anyone how important signature accessories are for a classic, timeless and yet unique and truly personal look. Keep reading if curious.



Hats play an important role in giving her characters' looks a final definition, some more sculptural than others (think the wide-brimmed ascot from My Fair Lady and the black Chapeau de Matin from Breakfast at Tiffany's).


A pair of long gloves together with a sleeveless outfit just speak Audrey.


Looking for a straight gateway into a defined silhouette? Just as a simple shift dress can be an easy solution to comfortable and suggestive wear, so does a long dress of various features only require a belt cinched at the waist to give you a look to steal again and again. As belts are a distinctive accessory characteristic of the '50s era with its elegance and sophistication, women from successive eras have been resorting repeatedly to its quick transformative power.

Bridal sashes are ever more popular amongst brides aiming for a defined silhouette. Find our bridal solution with the beautiful DREAMWEAVER BRIDAL BELT (£680.00) handmade in Scotland with the finest Swarovski crystals (shown in clear crystal, available in any colour from the current Swarovski chart). Customise yours and bring a bit of twist into a classic look!


A timeless weapon of mystery and glamour, sunglasses are amongst Hepburn's 'musts'! Audrey Hepburn could easily win the award for most iconic movie sunglasses of all times.


Don't overpumpkin the décor! Moderation is a virtue most rare and needed with wedding planners and designers. Consult your colour scheme and play around with other elements based on the complimenting hues, e.g. if lush green is your second colour, you can add pumpkin vines or pumpkin vine decorations and patterns, ferns, succulents and green tablecloths. Add scarlet roses, tea lights and pomegranate for a more autumn-leaves oriented theme. For an eggplant hue, combine cascading ómbre 'flowerfalls', fruit stands with figs and what about having a purple bouquet with wee tangerines gently placed in it? The little touches will add up to a fairytale trail to involve each and every one of your guests in.


Do you have more pumpkin wedding ideas? We want to hear them! Give us some love by sharing the article and let us know what else you want to read on our blog. We love to inspire you!

We can't think of any other style icon of the last century who oozes elegance and class, has become a timeless symbol of '50s fashion and is an uncompromising proponent of the philosophy that one should wear what makes them feel comfortable in their own skin. Comfort and style at once - isn't that the thin line we're all walking when facing the mirror daily? Getting ready for work, going out for cocktails on Friday night, meeting business partners and clients, prepping for a romantic dinner, taking the kids out on a Sunday... Why not learn from the lady who's cracked the code of humble elegance? Ladies and gentlemen, the sweetheart of Givenchy: Audrey Hepburn.

The screen legend dressed almost exclusively by Givenchy is famous not only for heroines who've impressed on the spirit of entire decades, enviable silhouettes and a wardrobe for millions. She's also known to have been heavily involved in dictating the vision for the clothes of all of the characters she's played. For the character of Sabrina from her eponymous movie, she even flew to Paris to meet Givenchy at his atelier and insisted on sourcing the clothes for the movie from his collections. For her, each dress, each ensemble meant a different woman with a certain destiny. Could we imagine Holly Golightly without her stunning headwear and a pair of vintage sunglasses?


With an autumn pumpkin wedding you can go as rustic as your heart desires: from farmers market setup to having tractors in the background and chickens running around. You can go vintage or boho with a more hippiesque tone. However, don't get overwhelmed with the planning process. There's plenty of pumpkins and apples to be found as wedding décor and yet, a well rounded and unique setup requires a bit more than just mastery over harvest hues. Do your research online and check what's been done so far, then let your imagination soar and break the Fleshlight stereotype!



From all the arts&crafts re-interpretations of pumpkins to be found online and at weddings, one of our favourites is definitely the flowergirl basket! Such a cute little detail...


There is a big variety of pumpkin dishes you can offer at the reception. However, one is enough to jazz up the menu.

Alternatively, you can arrange stands with pumpkin desserts at a special treats table. Serve sweetened pumpkin slices for dessert or include a tasty roasted pumpkin soup in the menu. Other options include risotto with pumpkin, pumpkin curry, stuffed shells with pumpkin and pumpkin pasta, pumpkin casserole and many many more. Combine a sweet treat, such as pumpkin cupcakes or muffins, pumpkin ginger waffles (Google, why you give us no peace!), with something savoury like roasted pumpkin seeds. Serve your guests Pumpkin Spice Latte or offer pumpkin flavoured cocktails. If you opt for more than one pumpkin dish or drink in the menu, make sure there are spices and other strong ingredients that will bring enough variety to your tastebuds!

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For the love of pumpkins!

It's that time of the year again when we're waiting with baited breath to see our brides walking down the aisle with all the magic of autumn happening in front of our eyes. Imagine the rich jewel tones like opulent purple, honey gold, ripe pumpkin and succulent red!

In this Society Cafe Concert Series at The Unitarian Society of Ridgewood's article, we've prepared a special Golden Autumn Suggestion Guide for a fabulous pumpkin themed wedding.

Enjoy, ladies!



How about recreating a mysterious and magical pumpkin garden with dimmed lights, soft background music and drifting smoke? Add artificial fluffy white mice, a wandering duck or two and step down as a princess out of an infamous carriage... we got carried away a bit, but you get the gist!



What could be more magical than an 'Into the Woods' theme? Forests provide the perfect wedding celebration setting as nowhere does fairytale feel so at home as in nature. One of our favourite photoshoots this year was set in a beautiful Scottish forest nearby. The place, our model, the luxurious dress and accessories just worked their magic. To create that autumn magic atmosphere, pick a location dear to your heart, get your dream dress and dream accessories (you can contact our team for professional consultations) and give a sign to your photographer to follow you.

Autumn leaves, pumpkins and trees will bring a vivid and distinct look to your special day. Treat yourself to a set of luxurious wedding jewellery from Bella Brilla: the elegant side tiara ADORABELLA with intricately handwoven Swarovski crystals, the exquisite ADORA bracelet with Swarovski pearls and crystals and the even pearlier ADORA necklace to add a stunning finishing touch. You can see them all on the photograph above.

Society Cafe Concert Series

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